Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doctor Who

So I’m a BIG Doctor Who fan, but you know this already.
I’ve done some trading with friends on other forums so I could have figures to paint, and I’ve been watching all the old episodes that I can find on Netflix. But this guy is an amazing painter of figures.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

The battle at the bridge.

This morning’s battle went very well; the forces for the battle were two American rifle teams, two heavy machine guns, a sniper, and Captain America. The Axis’s force randomly generated their forces at the beginning of every turn. They started with 1 rifle team, 1 heavy machine gun team, and a tank. I used The rules Warhammer Panzer by Phil Yates, with some of my own rules for Captain America.
We spent two turns moving up with no conflict, by that time I had three tanks on the road and two infantry squads moving through the rubble. Jarrett’s American airborne then opened up on the infantry scaring the hell out of them, but not killing them. I fired all of my tanks into the building, and missed three times! Two shells even bounced off the building and hit one of my tanks, destroying the main gun. Jarrett used sticky bombs to destroy one of the tanks, and I opened up with my machine and killed 3 of his troopers. Most of the battle, Jarrett used sticky bombs to stun and destroy my tanks, the troops exchanged gun fire with most of the shots going wide.
I moved the tanks up to maximum speed, racing to the bridge, but sticky bombs took out another of my tanks. Captain America also chucked some sticky bombs and stunned my last tank. By the end of the finale turn, the Americans had stopped the advance of the axis, and were relived by American forces.

The second battle my son ran the Axis forces, and I also stopped his advance.

Here are some shots of the battle




Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This weekend WWW2 Battle...

This weekend I will be doing another Weird World War 2 battle. The premise is a recreation of the Saving Private Ryan last battle at the bridge. The boys will be running the American GI’s plus a choice of one of the super heroes from the league of freedom, (Captain America, Dr. Who, The Slayer, Indiana Jones, or Lobster Johnson) plus 3 rifle teams, Private Ryan, and the last of the retrieval team (including 2 MSG’s and a Sniper). The Axis powers will have four Tanks, 4 rifle teams, plus an auto cannon team. I will post pics on Sunday and give a report I will be using the rules found at

So in other news, because I’m really into this Weird World War 2 gaming now, I’m going to be using my old warzone figures as British, Germans, and Russian troops for my gaming, but I will be buying American army troops because the Warzone capital troops kind of suck. I did find cheap Nazi tanks for my figures, 1/48th Scale Figures they are only $6.00, when Corgi charges $30.00 per tank. So I'm very happy...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dawn of War 2 !

Just got informed by a LJ friend....
Here's the site and Pics!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New direction...

So, I’m going to stop painting new figures starting today.

I’m going to start creating and painting scenery for my future battles, using

These fellows’ instructions: http://www.matakishi.com/makingthings.htm

I want some destroyed buildings, farms, crashed spaceships, and just cool stuff to

Look at. I will be posting pictures.

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