Sunday, March 30, 2008

My New Doctor Who figures...

Traded with a TMP member, Dan for some Warzone figures...

Here are picks of the painted minis...

Some MIB troops looking for aliens...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weird World War 2 report

The first battle with my son went well, using some rules I found around the internet, I set up the scenario for the boys. The players were my son Jarrett and his best friend harry. The scenario was the Nazis had discovered a working dimensional gate and were using it

to acquire allies to win the war. I built a Star gate and finished painting over 40 Nazi troopers for the battle. The boys had a mix force of American and British commandos and five super heroes, captain America, the Slayer, Indiana Jones, Lobster Johnson, and The Doctor.

The Nazis forces included about 40 infantry, 2 heavy machine gun bunkers, and 3 super villains, Colonel Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, The Red Skull, and a super soldier by the name of Fritz Von Doom (enhance strength).

The battle started with my son taking a team of British commandos, The Slayer, and Lobster Johnson rushing up a fortified hill where the heavy bunkers kept the main force pinned with heavy machine gun fire.

He lost about 50% of the commandos rushing the bunkers, but Johnson and the Slayer reached the cusp of the hill, but where attacked in close combat by a squad of infantry and the super soldier Fritz. Johnson slipped away from the combat and The Slayer took on the entire squad, killing three troopers and wounding Fritz heavily before being brought down with a cascade of heavy blows.

Captain American and his forces headed straight for the Gate with the American commandos, The Doctor was kept off the field in his TARDIS.

The Americans were also under attack by about 20 infantry, losing about 4 commandos to rifle fire; the commandos fired back then charge into close combat, destroying the entire Nazi squad.

Captain American ran past the skirmish and attacked the Nazi infantry next to the gate, attacking a squad of 5 and killing three troopers and routing the rest. Ruprecht Kroenen and The red skull charged Captain America, a brutal close combat ensued.

While the battles rage around the table, The Doctor warped in by TARDIS and deactivated the gate with his sonic screwdriver. The British with the help of Lobster Johnson captured the bunkers, and Captain America routed Ruprecht Kroenen and the Red Skull. The battles was won but with heavy loses, The Captain was on his last hit point, when the American commandos made it to the hill where the gate was deactivated.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So, I’m on a campaign to start throwing some WWW2 games for my sons and his friends. I’m still looking around for some cool rules for the background, but I have
Checked out a few sites on the Internet including this one,
The first adventure will be a nod to the Hellboy Movie opener, but the heroes will included Captain America, The Slayer, Indiana Jones, and The Doctor. The boy is
Excited “
SWEET OMG OMG OMG!” So it’s off to writing the campaign…
Wish me luck.

PS: I’m painting all of my Plastic Bauhaus troopers as Nazi elites, I will post pics….

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