Friday, February 8, 2008

Geek Warning Zombie Games Coming...

The latest issue of PC GAMER is a special issue featuring a cover loaded with zombies and stating that the undead will rule gaming in 2008. Well, perhaps it doesn’t guarantee they will rule, but is more or less letting us know that 2008 looks like it will be the year of the zombie for video games with a whole slew of projects coming out. Here are some of the upcoming zombie games.

LEFT 4 DEAD: Coming from the developer Valve this game involves four people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Apparently in multi-layer for the online experience and such you can also play as different classes of zombies.

THEY HUNGER: LOST SOULS: A first person horror shooter game, with a unique health meter via wristwatch that you can only view by pressing the Q on your keyboard. Yes, they’ve done away with the HUD display and you’ll have to rely on your weapons actual sites to shoot zombies.

RESDIDENT EVIL 5: This is sure to be a big hit on consoles and right now it is rumored that PC gamer’s will be getting this sequel as well. The gameplay is said to be similar to that of Resident Evil 4, but amplified in entertaining ways.
NEARLY DEPARTED: A click and point adventure where you play as a person who has just dug himself up out of the grave and must now roam society. The graphics look like a cartoon.

DEAD WAKE: How the zombies in this game turn out may be up to you! Dead Wake is a game that is going to be developed in part by gamer feedback as it is released in increments.

DRACULA ORIGINS: This game sets out to tell how the famous bloodsucker became the iconic monster as you take on the role of Van Helsing. Dracula is a vampire, but he does hang out with some zombies in the game.
NECROVISION: A FPS that mixes monsters such as zombies, vampires, and demons into a World War 1 setting.

ALONE IN THE DARK: hasn’t there already been such a game? Apparently the concept is being re-imagined, sounds like the remake trend may have left Hollywood and went to survival horror video games.

DEAD ISLAND: You are on a tropical island overrun by zombies in this FPS game. Expect some zombies in swimsuits to try and eat your brains, but don’t worry you have a crowbar to defend yourself with.

DEAD SPACE: Fighting monsters on a spaceship in…space.

POPCAPS UNTITLED GAME: Apparently Popcaps, known for making addictive puzzle games, are developing a puzzle type game with zombies included as well.

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