Thursday, January 10, 2008

Repainting old miniatures

So now that I’m on a campaign to throw some Horror gaming at the kids and the gaming group, I’m looking at all the old figures of Zombies I have. I was surprised that 50% of the models were half way done. (This must have been just before I gave up painting figures for about 7 years.) So now I will be rebasing, painting, and playing with these figures during the great Space Invasion Horror Game I’m planning. Here are some pics of Warzone Zombies and monsters to join the rebellion.

These are the first ones I've ever posted on this site.

A Maggot Trooper

And his friends....Zombie and a Ghoul!

Zombie Troopers...

Necro Mutants

Captain Slobberblood
Mad Captain of the WormWood
Abarat Pirate, drinker of Booze, and lover of loose Women.

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