Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Campaign thoughts for my gaming weekends, I want to have an alien invasion attack modern earth.
We lose the war, and most of the humans are being rounded up for extermination and harvested for
their DNA. They are being kept in concentration camps for disposal when suddenly humans are starting to be saved by the strangest things, Monsters!
The monsters that have preyed on mankind since the beginning of time itself, Vampires, Werewolves, and other beings!

More info in the future…

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slobberblood said...

From 28mmMan:
Perhaps consider a slightly different angle?

Instead of classic aliens (high tech grey's or little green men) break down the ancient seals because the planets are in alingment…the Old Ones are back.

The last appearance of the Old Ones cost the Earth and humanity (Atlantis, pyramid builders, etc.) to fend them off. Once the alignment is past the Old Ones must have established a tentacle hold or be forced back into the vast blackness of the endless dream.

From the previous contact with the Old Ones humans were touched. This contact left a genetic mark…and the rare die roll produced a hybrid…vampire, werewolf, yeti, deep one, chud, etc…

When the Old Ones return the die roll "chance" increases 10 fold due the renewed energies…but the human spirit is strong and the "monsters" rebel against the Olds Ones…for now.

When and if the Old Ones are held off…then what? Before the numbers of "monsters" were 1:1,000,000 but after the recent revival of monster juice/slime/energy/etc…we are looking at 1:100,000 with increased potentail for crossbreeding and passing genetic material. And do not forget the result of extended contact with the Old Ones to our dimension…the recently dead become energized with alien energies and walk (or run) the Earth in a mission to hug everyone…and eat their brains.

…and a couple of giant monsters would be appreciated also…the great beasts (dragons of old) are granted life via indirect contact with the Old Ones…a happy side effect.

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